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DelSol System For Sale

Hi fellow solers,I have decided its time to redo my whole car audio system.
So I'm selling a drop-in(almost turnkey)system.
Here's what I have:2-Orion hcca digital ref. series amps ,225HCCA&250HCCA.
specs:225=2x25watts@4ohm,2x50@2ohms,2x100@1ohm,2x200@1/2ohm,1x400@1ohm mono(more like 500)
1x400@2ohm mono(also more like 500)these amps cost a small fortune
new,the 225=$500,250=$700.
There amps are perfect,not a scratch on them!!(2 years old)
Im selling them complete with the amprack that bolts to the rear wall
of your sols trunk,covered in matching trunk liner,fan
cooled,red neon bar at the bottom,and protected by 1/2" plexiglass.
Also in this package is the much sought after JL Stealthbox(with a
twist)this box has been beefed up with sound deading material,dynamat
was laid into the box then the whole inside was coated in a layer
of Cascade audio spray-in deadener,the wiring has been replaced with
Stinger 12ga speaker wire,and the JL8W1s have been replaced with JL8W6s.One year old,This is a nice ass box!!!!
But wait,theres more:one set of MB Quarts 6.5" coaxs 160.03KX(1 years old)
Im asking $1300+shipping, obo for the set-up,retail on this system was over $2250.